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A key part of your success will be tracking your journey. Sure, you can go through life, or a road trip without a plan, but you are far more likely to enjoy the journey and maximize your experience if you have goals and a destination. Small habits = large impact

We invite you to start off with an initial assessment to see where you are, then determine where you want to get to, then aim for a new habit every 12 weeks to allow for realistic continuous improvement. Click here for a bit more information and here's an article that may help you determine your next steps. 


Starting Point

Woman Shopping at Plant Market

Pulse Check-in

Circle of Colored Pencils Beige Background

Area of Focus

Online work meeting

Group Coaching*

Tree Lined Path

12 week goal

Women in Sports Apparel
1:1 Coaching*

* additional monthly rateng 4

Depending on member interest, subgroups could include topics such as:
  • Accountability groups for goals
  • Community connection times
  • ​Grief group
  • Maintaining your mind
  • Menopause relief group
  • Problem solving office hours
  • Sharing bucket list items


Apply Today

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