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Our Vision

As long as there are women with growth mindsets and busy lifestyles there will be a need for the Well Balanced Center. The beauty of this is that it is ever evolving and calibrating. 

We will start with providing the beta website version to 100 members, gather their input then create the app and ask them to share with five females that would benefit from the program. 

We'll then start providing access for one week before having them become paying members. They can level up their membership based on how many experiences they want to tap into: Coaching, Retreats, etc. People can also gift an annual membership to a woman in need. 


Our Proposed Path to Success

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Green House

Levels of Investment

Gold: $50k - logo on landing page, post for a year related link in one of the cups, 50 annual memberships. 

Silver: $25k - smaller logo on landing page, post for a month with related link in one of the cups, 25 annual memberships 

Bronze: $10k - small logo on landing page, social media post with related link, 10 annual memberships.

Next steps

You likely have questions, feel free to either email them to Mandy:

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